School classes in the museum

At the beginning of June, children from a school class of the Polish school "J.I. Paderewski" from Basel visited the Kościuszko Museum and the beautiful baroque town . They learned information about Kościuszko and then looked at the exhibits in the museum.

At the end of June, a young school group from Poland and members of the volunteer fire brigade visited the museum in Solothurn. They were enthusiastic about the city and the museum.

Report from the Day of Museums

On May 21, another Museum Day took place in the canton of Solothurn. Thank you for so many visits!

We are glad that on that day many guests came to the Museum not only from different parts of Switzerland, but also from abroad. See you at our next events!


We invite you to watch a short photos report from this event.

Day of Poles Abroad

On 30 April, the Day of Poles and the Polish Diaspora Abroad was celebrated at the Hotel Schwanen in Rapperswil under the auspices of the Polish Embassy in Bern.

The ceremony was honoured by the presence of Minister Jan Dziedziczak, Government Plenipotentiary for the Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad.

During the day, there were numerous artistic performances: Encounters with Polish books, music and dance.

Our museum presented an exhibition on Tadeusz Kościuszko's relationship with Solothurn and ran an information stand.
The curator of the museum presented the history of the museum in a short report to the assembled guests.

Polish state awards for cultural workers

In March, a festive ceremony took place at the Polish Embassy in Bern. Andrzej Dera, State Secretary in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, honoured dedicated activists who have been working for years to promote a good image of Poland in the Swiss Confederation with state decorations.

Knight's Crosses of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland were awarded to:

  • Jan Konopka - expert on Kościuszko and Paderewski, researcher of Polish history, author of numerous publications on Kościuszko
  • Dionizy Simson - engineer and inventor, the first President of the Foundation. J. M. Bocheński

Golden Crosses of Merit were awarded to:

  • Andrzej Ksyk - organiser of large transports of humanitarian aid that came to Poland in the 1980s
  • Gertrud Lauener - Quaestor of the Kosciuszko Society in Solothurn for over forty years (from 1979 to 2021) actively promoting Polish-Swiss cultural relations

The Silver Cross of Merit was awarded to Teresa Ackermann - the Custodian of the Kosciuszko Museum in Solothurn, who has been associated with the institution for twenty years and is the organiser of many events.

The laudation of each awarded activist briefly reflected the personality and work of the awarded person.

Visit of Minister Andrzej Dera, State Secretary Poland , to the Kosciuszko Museum in Solothurn

On Friday, 17 March 2023, the Kosciuszko Museum in Solothurn was visited by a state delegation led by the State Secretary from the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland - Minister Andrzej Dera - accompanied by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Bern Iwona Kozłowska and representatives of Polish diplomacy together with the Consul of the Republic of Poland Marek Głuszko.
The museum with its exhibits and wonderful interior decoration left a great impression on the visitors. The curator introduced the visitors to the recent history of the museum.
Afterwards, Minister Dera and the Ambassador paid a courtesy call on Solothurn's Mayor Stefania Ingold. They expressed their gratitude for the care taken over the museum and for maintaining good mutual relations between the Poles living here.
At the end of the planned visit, the delegation took a short walk through the beautiful baroque town on this beautiful sunny day. On his way back to Bern, the minister visited Zuchwil and laid a wreath in front of the Tadeusz Kościuszko memorial.

New exhibits at the museum 

At the end of December 2022, the Museum received an interesting shipment from Chicago. It turned out that the friendly Association of Friends of Polish Uhlans named after General Tadeusz Kościuszko in the United States in Chicago, donated two interesting exhibits to the Museum. A statuette with description and certificate made for the 100th anniversary of the Association and a ring collar with stand made for the 25th anniversary of the revival of the Association. The gifts were accompanied by the original statutes of the association dating back to 1903. 

We thank the board and all the Chicago Uhlans for the preserved exhibits, which will enrich our museum. 

Museum history lesson for the youngest

At the beginning of December, the museum was visited by a school class of 6 to 8 year olds with teachers from the Polish school Pol école from Neuchâtel.
The participants of this different history lesson felt very much at home in the museum, they were not only interested in the exhibits but also asked interesting questions.

The friendly visit of the youngest pupils ended with a second breakfast at a nice table in the General's office, and the joy never ended.

A short walk through the city ended the little ones' visit to Solothurn.

Two ambassadors in Zuchwil 

On Sunday, October 16, in Zuchwil near Solothurn, we celebrated the 205th anniversary of the death of Tadeusz Kościuszko and the 80th anniversary of the dedication and devotion to the faithful, of the Polish chapel rebuilt by interned Polish soldiers during World War II. 
The ceremony was marked by the presence of the Polish Ambassador to Bern, Iwona Kozłowska, and the U.S. Ambassador, Scott C. Miller, honored the occasion. 

The ceremony was attended by guests from Poland, MPs Piotr Babinetz and Kazimierz Gołojuch, representatives of the Archives of the Institute of National Remembrance Tomasz Stempowski and Paweł Zielony,representatives of Capital Group Solbet from Solec Kujawski with Director Krystyna Rembiałkowska, a delegation of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw with Prof. Dr. Hanna Krajewska and a delegation of the Polish-Swiss Society. The ceremony took place in a solemn atmosphere. 

On the same day, at 3 p.m. in the Kościuszko Museum in Solothurn, the presentation of the new book "Polish Traces in Solothurn and Zuchwil" took place with the participation of the authors and numerous guests. The bilingual album was published by the Institute of National Remembrance. The books are available in the museum.


80th anniversary of the dedication Polish Chapel in Zuchwil 205th anniversary of the death of Tadeusz Kościuszko

In summer, during the opening hours of the museum, we invite you to visit our courtyard. 

International Museum Day in the Solothurn Museums 
Sunday, May 15, 2022, free admission 

12:00 - 17:00h
At home with the freedom hero
Tadeusz Kościuszko fought for freedom, independence and respect for human rights in the USA and in his native Poland. He spent his twilight years in Solothurn in the very apartment that now houses the museum. Learn more about this famous freedom hero who fortified the West Point Military Academy and who lent his name to the highest mountain in Australia. 

Guided tours of the exhibition, as well as the opportunity to taste a small Polish specialty and a matching drink.

Paderewski Gala Concert

 "Musical appeal for freedom and peace"
 wrote the "Solothurner Zeitung" on 21 February 2022. The new edition of the concert in the concert hall in honour of Kościuszko was a musical appeal for freedom and peace.
The much-acclaimed piano recital in the Solothurn Concert Hall on
19 February 2022 was under the patronage of the Polish Embassy and the honorary patronage of Dr Remo Ankli.
"History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes"
 quoted Councillor Remo Ankli Marek Twain, thus summarising various aspects of the concert organised by the Polish Embassy and the Kosciuszko Society. 
At the same venue where the great Polish virtuoso performed in 1937, the same programme was performed that thrilled the audience at the time. Prof. Paweł Mazurkiewicz performed in Paderewski's place. 
The charity concert attracted many spectators who filled the concert hall to the brim. 
We thank the organisers and volunteers for their help in organising the concert and the capital group SOLBET from Solec Kujawski, Poland for their generous support of the concert. 

 Ladies and Gentlemen, we invite you to the concert. 

Solothurn Concert Hall - Saturday, 19 February 2022, 
5.00 p.m.

Under the patronage of Mrs. Iwona Kozłowska, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Switzerland, and Dr. Remo Ankli, President of the Kościuszko Society Solothurn.

Paderewski Gala Concert in the Solothurn Concert Hall.

With this unique concert we present after 85 years the same
programme with which Ignacy Jan Paderewski thrilled his audience in 1937.
at the same place where the legendary pianist played at that time.
Prof. Paweł Mazurkiewicz (Bern University of the Arts)
will play solo piano works by
Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Haydn, Liszt and Mozart.

We would like to thank the company SOLBET from Solec Kujawski, Poland, for their generous support of the concert.
support of the concert.

Free admission

The current Corona rules for admission apply at the event.

Inventory Kosciuszko Museum

In 2021, the Kosciuszko Society received funding from the Ministry of Culture to organise archival documents in the collection of the Kosciuszko Museum in Solothurn. The documents were inventoried and placed in acid-free files. At the same time, an inventory of the collection was made. This will allow historical researchers and scholars easy access to our documents. 

The project was carried out through the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. 

Completion of the archive work

We are pleased to inform you that we have completed the work of organizing and inventorying our archive.
The archive is divided into four parts and covers the years 1935-1999. The files contain the following languages: Polish, German, French and Italian. The whole document collection was in very good physical condition. The archive collection will soon be publicly available on our new website.

The organization and inventory of documents from the collections of the Tadeusz Kościuszko Museum in Solothurn and the creation of a new website were supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland within the framework of the program " Support for Archives, Libraries and Museums Abroad" 2021.

The project was carried out by a historian and archivist - Radosław Pawłowski - with the help of archivists from the Archives of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

December 2021

General Assembly 2021

On November 5, the annual General Assembly of the members of the Kosciuszko Society took place in Solothurn.
The meeting was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Bern, Iwona Kozłowska, who gave a speech on Polish-Swiss relations in the past centuries.

Further work in progress at the museum 

November 2021
The documents in our collection are currently being archived at the museum. After initial segregation, the files will be described, inventoried, paginated, and finally placed in acid-free archival storage.
The entire inventory will soon be placed on our new website, which is also in the final stages of implementation. The project is carried out by our historian and archivist Radosław Pawłowski, who is assisted by a volunteer Renata Malina. The first separation of documents was carried out by the archivists of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Izabela Gass and Ewa Furmańska.
The project is carried out within the PROGRAM "Support for Archives, Libraries and Museums Abroad" from the financial resources of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. 

Wreath laying ceremony 24th october 2021

Photos:  Piotr Drewnowski 

President of Tadeusz Kosciuszko's Society in Solothurn, Dr. Remo Ankli

Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Bern, Iwona Kozłowska

Vice-Marshal of the Senat of the Republic of Poland, Marek Pęk

Custodian of the Kosciuszko Museum in Solothurn, Teresa Ackermann

Radosław Pawłowski

Wreath laying ceremony

Wreath laying ceremony

Priest Korneliusz Policki and Priest Pascal Eng

Music group Blasmusik Zuchwil

Koćciuszko Museum celebrates its 85th anniversary !
On Saturday, 25.09.2021 Tadeusz-Kościuszko Museum in Solothurn 🇨🇭🇨🇭 held official celebrations of the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Museum.
The event at the international level was opened by the President of the Kosciuszko Society - Dr. Remo Ankli and the Custodian of the Museum - Teresa Ackermann. The guests were then welcomed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Switzerland, Iwona Kozłowska, who on this occasion brought a white and red cake as a symbol of long and lasting relations 🇨🇭🇵🇱.  The Ambassador also donated two large photographs of the Museum's founding fathers, Jan Modzelewski and Alfons Bronarski. We would like to thank the Polish Embassy in Bern for their presence and the good wishes we received that day. Our thanks go to the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland from Basel, Mr. Daniel Andreas Pfirter.
The ceremony was decorated by the exhibition of the saber kordelas of Tadeusz Kościuszko, which is in the possession of the family of Mr. Daniel Gresly. Many thanks for the loan of a saber, the presence and the closer presentation of the history of his possession.
 This exceptional anniversary was accompanied by the opening of the exhibition "85 years of Tadeusz Kościuszko Museum in Solothurn" with its curator Radosław Pawłowski, whom we also thank.
The ceremony was attended by invited guests of the Polonika Institute, representatives of the Polish-Swiss Society and the Rapperswil Society from Warsaw, as well as members of the Capital Group Solbet from Solec Kujawski.
An important and warm accent was the musical embrace by pfr. prof. Z. Stępniak - vocals and pianist K. Książczyk.
The ceremony was attended by media representatives of Pepe TV and the coverage was shown on TVP Polonia.
At this point to all participants of the ceremony, guests, organizers, participants and volunteers - Thank you - for their presence, work and kind words.

News in the museum

06 September 2021
Kosciuszko Society, which takes care of and manages the Kosciuszko Museum in Solothurn, this year received funding from the program "Promotion, Archives, Libraries and Museums Outside the Country" from funds of the Ministers of Culture and National Heritage . Within the framework of the funds provided, the rent will be taken over and a new website will be set up. In addition, the archival collection will be arranged in the holdings of the Museum of T. Kosciuszko. The completion of the works is planned for the second half of December.
We thank the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for the support!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
Please note that the renovation works planned for this year in the Kosciuszko Museum in Solothurn have been completed.
They were manufactured according to our expectations and completed on time. Based on the preliminary bids submitted, the companies providing the services performed their tasks diligently and on time.
The implemented project included three tasks:
1). Execution of an oak floor in the information room,
2). Fabrication of two stylish gilded window lambrequins,
3). Execution of four standing metal plates with screen printing in the courtyard. 

Visit of the Deputy Mayor of the City of Krakow and the Krakow City Council to the Museum / September 17, 2021

Further renovation work in the museum is progressing.
Fabrication of the antique lambrequin in the General Office and mounting of the photo panels in the courtyard.

Dear Visitors,


Monday, 28th June starts a renovation of the Kosciuszko Museum.


It's a "public contract", co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, as a "COOPERATION WITH THE POLISH COMMUNITY AND WITH POLISH PEOPLE IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES 2021 - INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE POLISH COMMUNITY", with the help of the foundation "Help for Polish People in the East". 

General Assembly 2020 in the Knights' Hall in the von Roll House in Solothurn

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen 
In 2018, the Museum succeeded in annexing the previously missing study of General Kościuszko, which was previously used by various companies and in recent years by a private individual. 
The offered financial support of the company Solbet from Solec Kujawski, which contractually assured the Kosciuszko Society the financing of the new space for the next 10 years, led to the signing of a new contract with the owner of the house. Thanks to it, this further part of the former Kościuszko's apartment could be annexed to the Museum. 
Many thanks to the president Dr. h.c. Marek Małecki and the director Krystyna Rembiałkowska and the company Solbet for this wonderful gesture.